Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Apple juice or apple cider?

Around here, there are a lot of folks who ring in the new year with this stuff

It's celebratory, it has bubbles, but it doesn't have alcohol, which makes it very popular.    They have some tasty variations (grape, cranberry etc.,) and it even comes in cute little mini bottles (which, incidentally, the alcoholic versions do not, in Utah at least.)

So my husband looked at me today and said, what's the difference between apple cider and apple juice anyway?  I didn't know and thus this blog post was born.

Turns out the difference is pretty simple.  It depends on where you are.    In the USA there are not strict rules defining juice and cider, but the general consensus seems to be that apple juice is filtered and the pulp removed (not sure why the filtering doesn't apply to orange juice, since you can buy it with pulp, which would, if this definition were applied, make it cider....I think)