Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama states the obvious

Friday Jul 11, 2008
Obama on Writing
Pam Coughlan over at Motherreader was at an Obama event in Fairfax, VA yesterday where he was asked what he would say to young writers.

He was surprised by the question, which he admitted was one he hadn't heard before, but didn't hesitate to answer. He referenced his two books, and specifically mentioned how he wrote them himself, along with many of his speeches. With a light inflection, he said, "In terms of getting a job, knowing how to write is a good thing." He talked about how he kept a journal, and how it was important for teaching him not only how to write, but also how to think. But my favorite part was when he said, "Over the course of four years I made time to read all of the Harry Potter books out loud to my daughters. If I can do that and run for president, then you can find time to read to your kids. That's some of the most special time you have with your children.
According to MSNBC he also said "these days kids know how to text message... but when you are applying for a job they will not be asking if you know how to text message."

In response to the bold text above....uh, no duh? ya think?

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