Sunday, January 16, 2011

Serious neglect

I have not posted on this blog forever. I thought I had stuff to say, but I guess not.

What has happened since the last time I posted? A lot. I changed jobs, twice. I worked as a tech support rep at Teleperformance for about 3 months.

Then I found a posting for a company I'd thought about applying to before, while I was still at CyberSource, called Backstage Library Works. At the time, I didn't apply, because they didn't pay as well as CyberSource. But they pay the same as what Teleperformance was paying at the time, and it was a job MUCH more up my alley, working with library records. So this time I applied, and they brought me in for an interview which went really well. It was for a department they call recon, which is basically taking paper card catalog cards (remember those?) and turning them into digital records. At the first interview, they brought in a cataloging project manager since my resume indicated I have cataloging experience (A use for school library media certification, YAY!)

Then a second interview, at the end of which they offered me a job, not the one I applied for, but one in their tiny cataloging group (it was only 9 people when I started plus the two PM's: we are now up to 13 with a couple of those being part time) I have been at Backstage since the first of September. My favorite part is seeing some of the titles and topics people have written books about. An example: I cataloged a sociology journal which had an article titled "Does meat flavor have an impact on hunter's prey choice?" Not a whole book on that topic, but still, an unusual one I thought....

I also get exposed to lots of different interesting fields and sometimes have a chance to learn a little something about them (usually while I try to figure out what the book is about so I can assign it a subject heading)

Anyway, my new job is pretty awesome.

Other new stuff since the last time I posted. Jake started kindergarten, which he really likes.

Madi has turned into quite a little chatterbox and a performer. She loves to draw and dance and she even sings a little.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Going to try to be a better blogger from now on.....

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