Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dame of Dictionaries

So many interesting people in the world!  This article/profile was shared on the LM-Net listserv.  A woman in New York City collects dictionaries of all sorts.  This collection would be so fascinating to peruse as I love words and etymology.  Her name is Madeline Kripke, and you can read about her here.

The website is interesting as well; a site called It summarizes itself  in the 'footer' at the bottom of each page with this "Narratively is a community of talented storytellers who are devoted to uncovering and sharing in-depth local stories with a universal appeal."  Read their about page here.

The theme the website was focusing on this week was miniature museums (other featured collections included a woman's troll collection and a collection of things found left in books that had presumably been used as bookmarks.

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