Wednesday, March 12, 2008

26 Weeks

Not much news from today's doctor visit, my blood pressure is good, I have still gained no weight (which is no different than with Jacob) and after many attempts with the doppler, Dr. Ludlow finally found Madilyn's heartbeat way down, right above my pelvic bone.

No complaints lately, my headaches have been better and so has the nausea. I've been trying really hard to drink more water and eat every couple of hours. Now the problem is that everything I eat seems to give me heartburn. So, I'm looking for suggestions for what to eat that is healthy but won't aggravate the heartburn I know I'm going to have anyway, as well as any thoughts about what works the best to relieve the heartburn. I have Tums and an 'acid reliever' sort of like pepcid ac, a gal at work gave me a gaviscon today and that seemed to work better than the tums. Anything else anyone can suggest would be appreciated!

Oh, our family blog moved too, Tony was feeling a little nervous about the fact that the name had where we live in it, what with it having so many pictures of our kiddos on it. I think it's probably smart to be a little more cautious with it being out on the internet for anyone to see (although I'm pretty sure the only people who read it are our far-flung family members, still better safe than sorry) Anyway, it's now over at
so please re-direct any links you might have to us over there.....

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