Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fox and the Hound

With the recent kerfuffle about Netflix losing it's rights to Nickelodeon (described here) we noticed that we picked up some classic Disney cartoons.  So we watched a few!  My daughter has decided Dumbo is my favorite movie, I'm not sure why.  We watched it once....

We also watched an old favorite: The Fox and the Hound.  And I noticed something interesting in the credits.  It was apparently one of the first movies for Corey Feldman (as young Copper, who has my favorite line delivery "I'm a HOUND dog!") and Kurt Russell (as grown-up Copper), both of whom were child actors who worked fairly extensively in commercials and television before moving to the big screen. 

In honor of the movie, here are some other interesting tidbits.  Big Mama, the owl, is voiced by Pearl Bailey, a well known Vaudeville and Broadway performer who won a Tony for her performance in the all-black production of Hello Dolly in 1968.  By the time the Fox and the Hound came out in 1981 she was considerably less well known, although still busily writing novels, releasing records and working in television and on stage.  Interestingly, she went back to school late in life and earned a B.A. in Theology in 1985 at the age of 69.

The movie is based on a book of the same name, although the story was considerably 'lightened up' for the movie (In the book at least one character dies.).  You can read about the author here or in the Wikipedia article here.

The film was "the most expensive animated film produced at the time, at a cost of $12 million." (Wikipedia)

Interesting fox fact of the day: A fox has several chromosomal differences from others in the family Canidae and thus cannot cross breed with dogs or other canines. 

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