Sunday, May 26, 2013

Random learning of the day

We've recently become enamored of a place here in Springville called Yummies which sells frozen custard. The lady who waited on us when we first ordered it told us a little bit about it how it was different from 'regular' ice cream, but I couldn't remember, so I hit up Wikipedia to see what it said the difference was.

It seems that the major difference between the different types of ice cream like products available these days (and in different cultures even...I learned some quite interesting cultural types exist like the Japanes mochi ice cream and Turkish dondurma) is the amount of butter fat they have in them.

UPDATE: Yummies is no was demolished to make way for the new Springville library about a year ago.  They do still have a little 'outlet' in the Provo mall.

The old building was kind of neat looking.  A friend at Backstage took this picture
Yummies Photo by Jennifer

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